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Real Estate

The need for a Real Estate Kit to give information on how to sell real estate privately has been apparent for many years.  Formerly about 4% of advertisers in the Sydney daily newspapers are private vendors, now the advertising medium is the internet with many providers in the market with the numbers increasing.  However, the market is dominated by two big players, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au and they are doing everything they can to maintain this duopoly to the extent that the ACCC has stepped in in an effort to maintain competition in the market.  It is now possible for DIY real estate vendors to get listed on these once prohibited sites and this kit will show you how.

Many more would wish to sell privately but need that little extra in the way of motivation and support.  In a sense, this Kit is the basis of a crash course in salesmanship.  Good salesmen can be identified by their extensive product knowledge, a good perception of how the competition operates, are able make a good presentation both of themselves and of the product, and know how and when to close a sale.

Of these qualities, no-one but the homeowner-vendor can excel with the knowledge about the property they are selling.  This Kit should enable an understanding of how the competing agents really operate.  The presentation aspect is entirely up to you and only requires application.  The how and when to close is an attribute only given by the gods to the true salesman.  However, take heart.  The ‘selling’ of real estate, as explained later in this Kit, is not a necessary attribute for you in the sale of real estate.  The essence of it is that purchasers buy.

Not only is there a need by vendors for such information but also by purchasers.  Purchasers when seeking out the home of their dreams are not explicitly assisted by anyone.  The agent is the vendor’s agent and invariably the purchaser has not decided on whether to do the conveyancing himself, or appoint a conveyancer.  A purchaser is particularly vulnerable.

This Kit addresses the needs of both vendors and purchasers and provides a wealth of practical information which can put you on an informed footing, vis-a-vis an agent.  Any market is enhanced where there are informed vendors and purchasers.

This information has become all the more necessary since agents’ commissions have been deregulated.  It is now every man for himself and the only protection to be provided for the consumer will be access to the Commission Review facilities of the Fair Trading Tribunal.  This, of course, is the provision of assistance after the event and ideal systems usually endeavour to reduce the incidence of problems rather than provide only for review.  It is a system which leaves the initiative with you, and as we all well know, such initiatives are only taken by the few.  It is a system which favours the agent.

With a little application of effort and dedication to the task over a relatively short period, most homeowner-vendors can become private vendors.  It is no big deal for you to become the driver rather than the driven.



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