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About Us

About Us

LawConsumers is the originator of the DO-IT-YOURSELF LEGAL KITS concept.  Combining instructions, documents and back-up.  Our first kit was the DIY Divorce Kit in 1971 now being produced by the Family Court of Australia.  Other similar law kits have been developed and refined since then.

At LawConsumers we strive to exceed our customers expectations.  Every day we work to understand our customers needs and take whatever actions are necessary to meet those needs in a better way.  We do this for you personally and in a global sense for the general community by way of striving for reform.

Who we are

We are a group of non-lawyers with an interest in obtaining a better outcome for consumers of legal services.  Historically, the legal services of interest have been in administrative areas and or by consent and where the process is capable of being completed successfully by a non-lawyer.

What we do

Our objective of assisting consumers of legal services which are administrative or by consent has been in the development and support for self-help law kits.  The sale of these kits funds the Association.

Law reform is a consequence of what we do with the kits and has led to significant reforms in the interest of consumers.


We believe that knowledge should be shared with the minimum of cost.  Knowledge not only empowers people but also gives them confidence and choice.  Our kits are fundamentally educational.  Any legal reform outcomes are for the benefit of all consumers.

History of Group

About 1968 the Divorce Law Reform Association of NSW was formed.  It had a single objective to cause reform of the Matrimonial Causes Act.  It made significant contributions to the political debate and influenced that debate leading to the introduction of the Family Law Act in 1975.  On the way it developed the first DIY Divorce Kit followed by the Conveyancing Kit.  These kits showed that consumers could break the legal barriers and became an essential source of funding.

The next major development was to form a company (in 1979) to give the lawyers’ legal monopoly in conveyancing some genuine competition.  It succeeded in 1992 when the legal monopoly in conveyancing was broken and legislation provided for the licensing of conveyancers.  The same strategy is presently being used to break the legal monopoly on probate work through the operation of The Probate Company Ltd.

Position regarding key issues

By being independent, LawConsumers can have an unequivocal position on many legal issues simply because it is independently funded by consumers through the sale of kits and it’s position is frequently different to those groups compromised by government funding.  LawConsumers does not receive grants nor is it under any obligation to any other group.

Consequently, our position and values reflect the majority view of consumers.  These positions are expressed in the NewsRoom page on this website

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